Welcome College Representatives!


Would you like to visit Calvary Christian High School?

We are happy to have you visit!

College Recruiters are strongly urged to set up a display table during lunch (11:05 AM to 12:25 PM) in order to meet students who were unable to leave class for the college presentation.

  • Lunch is during 5th period at 11:00 M, W, Th and 11:30 T.  You may request a presentation during 4th or 6th period,
  • All students are invited to attend and must sign up in advance.
  • A member of our College Placement Team will meet with you
  • Additional programming/interviews may be arranged on campus by contacting the College Placement Office
  • We try our best to accommodate requests to visit our campus; however, we cannot accommodate all of them

Please click here to schedule your visit!

Dates we cannot accommodate visitors:

August and May (start and end of school)

September 4, 13, 21, 22
October 2-4, 11, 19-20, 23-27
November 3, 20-24
December 11-31
January 1-10,15
February 16,19
March 26-30
April 2, 16-17


For directions to Calvary Christian High School, use the following street address:

110 North McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL 33759


Please use the parking lot entrance off of Drew Street. Once you have entered the campus, turn right and there are designated guest parking spots in the parking lot.  

Click Here for a map of the campus with parking locations zoned out for your convenience.


The main entrance into the school are the doors located directly behind the flagpoles.  We ask that you are arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled arrival so that you may check-in and obtain a visitor's pass.


Click Here for a list of delicious local eateries.


Dana Troutman