Honors, Dual Credit, and Advanced Placement

Honors Courses

Honors Courses are designed to challenge the student in a deeper study of the subject by improving their analytical and critical thinking skills. Students should expect to do a major project each semester, have additional reading compared to the regular course, complete in-depth essay test questions, and spend additional time on homework and assignments.

Honors Courses
English I Algebra I Biology World History Spanish I
English II Algebra II Chemistry European History Spanish II
English III Geometry Chemistry II American History Spanish III
English IV Math Analysis Anatomy Government Spanish IV
    Marine Science Economics  
    Forensic Science    



Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement Courses are designed to mirror college courses. Most college courses include many hours of out-of-class reading, research, and study. AP Courses at CCHS are no different. Due to the amount of material to be covered, students should expect to have homework over the weekends, holidays, and days school is closed. The material covered in class is only the highlights; therefore, it is very important that students remain current on assigned reading. Each AP Course has specific requirements related to the particular course of study. That information will be given to the students by the teacher when the class begins. 

Advanced Placement Courses
AP English Literature AP Language & Composition
AP European  History AP Psychology
AP Spanish AP Chemistry
AP American Government AP Art -2 D, Drawing and 3D (rotating years)
AP Macro Economics  



Dual Credit College Courses

Dual Credit Courses are college courses through St. Petersburg College. Students earn both high school and college credit for these courses. The courses are taught by our instructors during the school day on our campus. Course work is expected to be academically challenging and students are expected to meet the demands of doing college work. Students enrolled in Dual Credit Courses must meet the admission requirements for St. Petersburg College. 

Dual Credit College Courses
English Composition I  English Composition II
US History I US History II