Thank you for your interest in Calvary Christian High School. Please take time to explore our website and learn more how our students are challenged academically, artistically, athletically, and spiritually. These four areas of emphasis guide what we do each day at CCHS. It is our goal to create a passion for learning in the lives of our students as they become what God designed them to be. Some students excel academically, others artistically, and some shine athletically; however, we pray each student will stand out spiritually as they grow in their walk with Christ.

As you browse our website, please notice the photographs of our students and begin to picture yourself at Calvary Christian High School. Visiting the website is a great way to learn about our Christian preparatory school and everything we offer, but we also have many more opportunities for you to personally engage our community. So if you are thinking about pursuing an academic career with our institution, please be sure to consider the other options detailed below.

Attend Our Open House

The Calvary Christian High School annual open house is one of our favorite events because we get to meet so many great prospective students whose passion and enthusiasm for a Christian education with Calvary is boundless. We do not require that all attendees register for our open house, but we do recommend it. Registering will allow us to better prepare for the turnout, meaning we can better attend to whatever questions and concerns you may have about our programs.


Request a Tour

If you are unable to make it to the Calvary Christian High School open house but you would still like to visit our campus grounds and check out our wonderful facilities, please contact us to set up a tour. The process is simple: just fill out the request form here, providing some basic information, and we will contact you to confirm. A tour is a great way to become familiar with the grounds and atmosphere before you enroll, so please contact us today.

Student Shadowing

Perhaps the best way to get a taste of the passion for faith-based education shared by our students and faculty alike is to set up a day to shadow one of our students. As with our tour requests, we simply ask that you provide some basic information here, and we will be in touch with you to confirm a date and time. Student shadowing lets your child be paired up with one of our student representatives for a day, following them through their courses and receiving the most up-close experience of our rigorous and enjoyable Christian preparatory school experience.

Contact Calvary Christian High School to Learn More

We invite you to come visit us at Calvary Christian High School. Please consider joining us for our open house, schedule a tour, or shadow one of our students. And if you have any other concerns about admissions, please contact our director of admissions, Donella Woodbury, at 727-449-2247.