Dance Program

Dance is our newest program in Fine Arts at Calvary and students are already earning top marks in competitions and at festivals. Storytelling through Movement students have the opportunity to enhance the worship experience during chapel at CCHS. The dance program is designed to bring stories of struggle and victory in Christ to life through movement. Dancers will develop self-esteem, technique and creativity in this program, along with a passion and love for dance, storytelling and worship. Storytelling through Movement dancers also participate in the annual Dance Revolution Showcase and convention.

The Color Guard class provides technique and choreography for the annual band show as well as dance choreography in several genres for the second semester. Color Guard students compete in various competitions, festivals and home football games with our Warrior Band. This program helps develop self-esteem, guard flag/saber/riffle technique and teamwork in a Christ centered environment.


Dance Courses

  • Dance (Storytelling through Movement)
  • Musical Theatre
  • Color Guard