Performing Arts


Advanced Band
Advanced Band is a class that is designed for students who have experience playing instrumental music.  In this class, an emphasis will be placed on mastering scales, rhythms, articulation, intonation, musical expression, listening, and practice routines.  This is the ensemble that will represent CCHS in the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, football games, ACSI music performance assessments, and, eventually, FMBC marching band competitions.  

Beginning Band
Beginning Band is a class that will emphasize the basics of playing instrumental music. The class has a small student-to-teacher ratio so that each student will receive a good amount of one-on-one instruction. The goal of this class is to help students reach the point where they can be a part of the Advanced Band the following year.  

Chorus is an auditioned class designed to give students the opportunity to develop their musical potential through singing in an ensemble. Study includes the care and cultivation of a beautiful tone, aesthetic awareness, the ability to read music, the building of technical skills, team spirit, and responsible rehearsal habits. The class will present service and festival opportunities for the group to sing in the community on a quarterly basis.

Drama is a course designed for those with interest in acting and the performing process. Students will have opportunities to improve acting skills through improvisation, scene analysis, character analysis, rehearsal, and performances.

Percussion is designed to offer students a well-rounded approach to learning percussion instruments in order to develop general musicianship skills. Students will participate in different types of percussion ensembles. The content includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • fundamental skills in music performance
  • musical literacy 
  • music theory 
  • music appreciation
  • quarterly performances and music performance assessments