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Are Honors Classes Worth It?

January 15, 2018
By Calvary Christian High School

Students Taking Honors Classes

Should I Take Honors Classes?

It’s the beginning of the year and you’re signing up for classes. Your teacher recommended that you take some honors classes this year. But you’ve heard they’re more work and more challenging. Should you take them? This is a situation that a lot of our students are in, and it’s a fair question. Are honors classes worth the extra time and effort? The short answer is, absolutely. But that’s not the most convincing argument, is it? That’s why today in the Calvary Christian High School blog, we explain why you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to take honors classes.

The Opportunity to Get College Credit

First, let's get the most obvious benefit out of the way. Some of our honors classes give you the opportunity to earn dual-credit for both high school and college. This means when you get to college you’ll possibly be able to take less general education classes, which saves you money and lets you take classes focused on your major sooner. Who can argue with that?

Prepare for College

Not all honors classes offer dual credit, but all of them will help you better prepare for college. These classes are structured in a way that is similar to a class you might take in college. As a college preparatory school, we’re able to give students this advantage by offering these courses. So although they’re more challenging and time-consuming, when you take your first college class, you’ll be much more prepared and confident.

It Looks Great on a College Application

We’re talking about college a lot here, but it’s important! You probably have a few colleges in mind that you want to apply to, and maybe some of the colleges aren’t the easiest to get into. If a college admission office sees that you have taken a variety of honors classes in high school, it can help your case when trying to get in.

Challenge Yourself

Another great benefit of honors classes is it gives you the opportunity to really challenge yourself and learn the subject matter. If you’re not feeling challenged enough in your regular classes, it’s possible to get bored and not fully absorb the lessons. If you’re actively engaged with your class and the lessons, you’ll take a lot more out of it.

Honors Classes at Calvary Christian High School

Calvary Christian High School has an incredible staff of teachers, and our honors classes will make sure you’re more than prepared when you make the jump to college. For more information on these classes, click here, or contact a member of the enrollment staff.

Calvary Christian High School’s Guide to Graduation

December 18, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

Calvary Christian High School graduation tips

Calvary Christian High School’s Guide to Graduation

At Calvary Christian High School, we understand what makes high school one of the most important periods in the lives of our youth. We not only make sure your children get the best Christian education – but the best experience to prepare them to move on to college and their adult life beyond.

We also understand how important graduation day is – not to mention how stressful it can be. Graduation day is the last hurrah in your high school experience, so it’s important to make it memorable. What’s the best way to avoid stress and being overwhelmed by your graduation ceremony? Calvary Christian High School can offer some advice.

Know Your Itinerary

The best way to reduce your stress on graduation day before it even begins is to get to know the itinerary. Find out the timetable for the day, whether it’s at Calvary Christian High School or any other high school, and familiarize yourself with it.

Knowing what’s supposed to happen, when and where will make things go much more smoothly not only for you but the other students graduating with you too. Make sure to take care of minor things the evening before so you’re not rushing in the morning – especially the cap and gown you’ll be wearing. Make sure it’s clean, pressed, and ready to go.

Be Ready For (Your Parents’) Excitement

For many families, graduation day is even more exciting for the parents than for their kids. Be ready for your parents to be elated that you’re graduating, and be respectful of just how proud of you they are. While you might feel a little embarrassed, remember that the reason for their excitement is that today is a day to show that their love and guidance has paid off.

Be Prepared to Pose for Pictures

Speaking of parents and relatives being proud, you’ll need to be ready for pose for pictures. Everyone will want to capture graduation day, from your parents to you and your friends, so be ready with your smile. It might be exhausting at the time, but in years to come, you’ll be glad to have the pictures to look back on and remember your time at Calvary Christian High School.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

Perhaps most important is that graduation day is a day to celebrate. Take a deep breath, remember why you’re there and enjoy yourself. You can be proud of your achievements, and take time to appreciate your hard work and the opportunity and guidance given to you by God.

Contact Calvary Christian High School

Calvary Christian High School is dedicated to providing children and teenagers with the full high school experience and the best education with a solid foundation of Christian values. We prepare your children for life beyond high school, keeping them on God’s chosen path as they move on to college, university, and the working world. Contact our Christian high school today to find out more about what we can offer.

What Summer Sports Camps Can Do For Teenagers

December 18, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

What Summer Sports Camps Can Do For Teenagers

At Calvary Christian High School, we understand how important sports and athletic activities are to the high school experience. Team sports and physical activity build bonds, strengthen character, and give teenagers the confidence they need to continue on to college. Our summer sports camps were developed with this in mind, and we continue to offer summer sports camps as part of our faith-led education. In this blog entry, we want to explore the real benefits of sport and athleticism as part of a Christian high school education.

Ambition and Drive

Every sport is goal-driven. Taking advantage of this gives teenagers something to strive for on a regular basis beyond just academic achievements. Being able to achieve goals as a team, working together, and in front of spectators, all go towards increasing the ambition and drive of children and teenagers.

Summer is often the perfect time for losing sight of ambition, with long periods of downtime. Summer sports camps offer the opportunity to keep up their motivation in a fun, healthy, and constructive environment.

Social Skills and Self Confidence

Many of the sports in our summer sports camps are team-based, meaning that kids have the chance to keep up their social skills through team-building activities. Even solo activities take place in an environment of support, encouragement and guidance, building social bonds and improving self-confidence. Team sports are also a great way of improving communication, with kids learning to effectively work together to achieve their goals.

Academic Performance

Strategic thinking is also great exercise for when kids return to the classroom. Regular physical activity is a great way to keep your brain switched on. Just like with general ambition and drive, the long summer break risks kids and teenagers’ developing minds to get lazy.

Taking part in sports and physical activities – especially those that require some strategy and quick-thinking – is essential to keep their minds and their reflexes on-point. This way, when they return to school they’ll be alert and attentive.

Contact Us About Our Summer Sports Camps

If you’re interested in the summer sports camps provided by Calvary Christian High School, contact our private school office today. You can also take a look at our website at what else we can offer as part of a faith-focused education. From fine art, dance and drama to advanced classes in English, math, science and social studies, we aim to provide a well-rounded experience for your children.

What Are the Benefits of High School Cheerleading?

December 18, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

What Are the Benefits of High School Cheerleading?

High school cheerleading at Calvary Christian High School

Calvary Christian High School offers a range of extracurricular activities for kids and teenagers, including summer sports camps, film societies, drama clubs and more. One of the most common factors in the high school lives of teenagers in the US is high school cheerleading, and you’ll find that here, too.

What makes high school cheerleading so ubiquitous? In this blog entry, Calvary Christian High School examines what makes – and keeps – high school cheerleading so popular. We also look at how cheerleading can partner with Christian values and faith-based education to give teenagers a well-rounded and memorable high school experience.

Physical Fitness

The most obvious benefit of high school cheerleading is physical fitness. Much of what’s involved in cheerleading is very active and intensely physical. Learning all of the routines, and how to do them together, in time with the right music, can be an immense physical challenge. Being part of regular cheerleading practice means getting regular, intensive exercise. This leads to improved strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and focus.

Improved Mental Health

There’s a reason everyone talks about how great exercise can be for mental health, and there’s a good reason. High school cheerleading, with proper guidance and teaching from the right coach, can lead to a big boost in self-confidence.

Not only that, it can help teenagers make friends, along with the exercise itself releasing endorphins and adrenaline on a regular basis. For some, the teenage years can be tough, but regular exercise is a great way to tackle some of the challenges that come during this important period of growth.

Educational Performance

Another benefit of regular, intensive exercise like cheerleading practice is improved academic performance. Consistently practicing and remembering routines can greatly improve focus and concentration, which is something that is frequently carried over into other activities. Improving academic performance is a plus for any high school student, but there’s one more area that makes regular exercise especially beneficial.

Strengthening Faith Through Friendship

One of the most valuable things students take from high school is their long-lasting friendships. High school cheerleading creates a strong bond between teenage girls, and this bond is even stronger when it’s formed under the guidance of Christian teaching. Combining friendship and faith offers an essential foundation for future social skills and a great support network of friends after graduation.

Contact Us About High School Cheerleading and More

If you’re looking for a high school that shared your Christian values, contact our Christian high school today. Our goal is to provide a full high school education and experience based on a strong foundation of Biblical teaching and understanding. You can also take a look at some more details about our athletics programs and summer sports camps.

Faith and Fine Art—Calvary Christian High School

December 18, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

Calvary Christian High School on faith and artistic expression

Calvary Christian High School on Faith and Fine Art

At Calvary Christian High School, our goal is to prepare the students attending our private school for life after graduation, as well as providing them with the best in faith-based education. Part of how we achieve this is through offering a wide variety of subjects, including a broad selection of art from dance to fine art.

We also offer this blog to explore some of the subjects offered at Calvary Christian High School in more depth. For example, just how strong is the link between fine art and faith? How far does it go back? How are art and artistic expression used to capture faith and belief? In this blog, we’ll be looking at this concept in a little more depth.

Christian Art in History

Art has been an integral part of Christianity through its entire history and remains a part of it to this day. The long and rich history of Christian art is a little too much to cover here, but it’s important to understand just how much variety there has been, and the influence it’s had through the centuries.

From early churches inspired by the Basilica in Rome, to medieval period stone structures and detailed paintings, up to brand new churches designed with an entirely modern aesthetic, Christian art has infused itself throughout our culture. Interpretations of Christian iconography have existed in almost every artistic movement since the church was founded.

Finding Faith

What is it that makes Christian-inspired art so enduring, and such a fertile topic for artistic expression? Why do so many students at Calvary Christian High School find fine art classes so rewarding? A lot of it has to do with capturing the essence of your own faith. Art is often about making something that is difficult to properly describe into something more tangible – and something that others can relate to.

Faith and belief aren’t just about being members of a religious community, they are also about your personal relationship with God. Understanding and creating art that captures the essence of this relationship can be an important step in truly cementing it.

Creativity, Education, and Belief

Understanding the lengthy historical relationship between Christianity and art, along with the history and different movements in the creative arts, can equip a budding artist with the right tools to make the most of their talent.

Not only can the creative arts give the artist an avenue to understanding their own relationship with God, but can also open up others to an understanding of Christianity they may never have had before.

Calvary Christian High School has proudly encouraged and guided many past students through the process of learning how and why fine art and the creative arts, in general, are important.

Contact Calvary Christian High School

Fine art is an important part of our curriculum at Calvary Christian High School, and we believe that encouraging creative expression also encourages strength and growth of faith. Creating art based on scripture and Biblical teachings helps students cement their learning, giving them a clear path to follow once they graduate. If you’d like to know more about what we can offer your children, contact our Christian high school today.

Myths About Attending a Private School

November 29, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

Dispelling Private School Myths

Empty desks in a private school classroom

Calvary Christian High School is proud to offer students a rigorous and engaging learning atmosphere, balanced with stellar athletics, arts, and music programs. Yet as a private school, we often hear from prospective students or parents of students some things about us that simply aren’t true.

At Calvary, we recognize that we carry a certain prestige, but that comes from our excellence in education and not our being a private school. Here we take a moment to dispel some of the myths that circulate about attending our private school. We will also discuss a few of the things you or your child can look forward to when they become a Calvary Warrior.

Myth: The Teachers Are More Strict

Somehow this attitude about private school persists, yet our students and their parents consistently report satisfaction with our curriculum, education styles, and the overall student experience of being a Warrior. And we really do pride ourselves on the engaging community environment we foster for our students. From our marching band to our athletics, our clubs, and our advanced courses, we encourage our students to desire the challenge and rigor that come with passionately pursuing a faith-based education. Our faculty members are here to serve the best interests of our students and the community, and we are confident that anyone who visits our grounds will recognize our dedication to that goal right away.

Myth: Private School is Too Expensive

We stand by our tuition because we are confident in the lifetime value of the faith-based education we offer at Calvary Christian High School. One of our goals is to strive for an education that is cutting-edge, relevant, exciting, and above all, enriching. And as a Christian preparatory school, we offer a learning experience intended to acclimate students to the challenges of collegiate life.

For families who desire this environment for their student, we are happy to be able to provide tuition assistance through the FACTS Tuition Management Company. For more information on assistance to attend Calvary Christian High School, visit our admissions page.

Myth: They Are Too Exclusive

We welcome students and families who share our dedication to a faith-based, Christian education. A biblical worldview is foundational to what we do, and we hope that applicants to Calvary Christian High School will strive to help us fulfill our mission.

Visit Calvary and Let us Dispel the Private School Myths

For the 2018-19 school year, we are hosting our open house on January 25th, 2018, from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. We’d love for you to join us. Whether you’ve been to private school before or you’re just ready to become a Warrior, let us give you a taste of what the experience is really like.

Reasons to Attend a Christian Preparatory School

November 22, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

Why You Should Attend a Christian Preparatory School

Blonde woman sitting on a desk at Christian preparatory school

Calvary is a Christian preparatory school, which can be intimidating to some incoming students. They may never have attended a private school, they may not be familiar with a faith-based education, or they may feel unprepared for the challenges of a preparatory education.

But there are many reasons to consider this kind of schooling. From the close-knit school pride to the truly rewarding challenges of coursework, attending a Christian preparatory school such as Calvary offers some awesome opportunities that you may not receive anywhere else. Here, we at Calvary Christian High School discuss some of the reasons students and families should consider looking into an education with us.

Greater Involvement and Participation

One of the things private school gets knocked for is its cost. Yet many people forget that by making an investment in their child’s education, families have a greater incentive to participate and have a stake in the learning environment. This often translates to greater parent participation in events that may require chaperoning or planning. The result is a greater sense of educational community, which improves the experience for everyone, including the students.

Smaller Class Sizes

Public institutions often struggle to maintain reasonable class sizes because they struggle with funding or regulation, often due to no fault of their own. But this can take a toll on the learning environment, resulting in overextended teachers and students who aren’t receiving enough individual attention. A Christian preparatory school is able to avoid this issue by limiting its enrollment. Smaller classes allow teachers to give better attention to each of their students, and it also reduces the number of classroom disruptions.

Teachers with Great Credentials

Public education faces the challenge of accommodating its ever-enlarging enrollment. In order to keep up, they may have to hire more and more teachers who are trained in education but not necessarily trained extensively in their discipline. Private schools are able to be a bit more selective because they aren’t trying to keep up with an expanding student population. In general, the teachers at a Christian preparatory school will hold an advanced degree, such as a masters or doctorate, within their discipline.

Calvary – A Christian Preparatory School for You

At Calvary, we pride ourselves on providing a Christian preparatory school experience that is both enjoyable and rigorous. We also offer our students the opportunity to participate in all kinds of competitive sports, arts programs, and music programs. And as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, we work to help students develop as God intended. Let us show you the power of a community united in the Christian preparatory school experience, and come visit our next open house. This event will be held Thursday, January 25th, 2018, from 9 AM - 2 PM. Please join us!

Maintaining Your Skills in the Marching Band Off-Season

November 15, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

Stay Sharp in the Marching Band Off-Season

Young saxophonist practices during the marching band off-season

The Calvary Christian High School marching band placed at the FMBC Marching Band State Championships in both 2015 and 2016. In 2017, our concert band received superior ratings at both the FBA Concert Band Assessment and the ACSI Concert Band Assessment. Needless to say, we are not only proud of our marching Warriors but we want to see them perform better and better every year!

As veteran marching Warriors know, the end of marching season can always leave you a bit glum as the weather becomes colder. While concert band brings its own excitement, it is just not the same as leaving your best performance on the field. And when the season restarts, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things after being off your feet.

Here, we share some simple tips for maintaining your edge in the off-season so you can return to the field as sharp as you were when you left. This should be helpful for current and prospective members of the marching band, so read on!

Stay on Your Feet

While petty rumors may circulate about band “geeks,” the truth is that marching band requires a lot of physical aptitudes. But when marching season is over and the weather gets cold, it’s hard to stay motivated to get outside and get moving to keep yourself in shape. Rather than practicing your concert band material sitting down (as if you don’t do enough of that already!), get up on your feet and march in place to keep time. This way you’ll help your body maintain a bit of its cardio endurance, and you may even improve your breathing.

Do a Little Extra

Chances are that you were exerting yourself more on the field than you are in the concert hall. And while a great performance can really feel like a workout, it simply doesn’t involve your whole body in the same way marching band does. So why not put a little of that extra capacity you built up on the field to make sure you perform your best on stage? Add a little extra time to your daily practice. Work your speed with etudes, practice your solo a few more times, or run some basic breathing drills. All of it will help your playing, and it will also help you keep up your energy for when marching season rolls around again.

Stay Sharp for the Calvary Christian Marching Band

Whether you’re a current performing member of the Calvary Christian band or you’ve got your eye on our music program for when you enroll in the next academic year, these tips should help you get ready to hit the field and represent your school. For more information on becoming a part of the Calvary Christian High School Warrior marching band, please contact us. We would love to share with you the many great opportunities we have available for you.

High School Basketball: Tips to Improve Your Game

November 08, 2017
By Calvary Christian High School

Improve Your Game for High School Basketball Tryouts

Boy practices for high school basketball with calvary christian high school

High school basketball at Calvary can get pretty competitive. But we believe in the benefits of healthy competition because it puts the pride of our players, fans, and student body on display.

We offer both varsity and junior varsity high school basketball teams because we like to see a variety of our students sharpening their competitive edge on the court as they represent the Warrior name. Our incoming classes help us enrich our teams, bringing new perspectives, talents, and skills. The result is always an exciting game.

So if you are interested in trying out for the team, here are some simple tips for improving your moves and skills. After all, you want to be able to perform your best when you become a Warrior, and you want a streamlined practice regimen that won’t interfere with your studies.

Know Your Strengths

This may seem intuitive, but it never hurts to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. In fact, this is probably something you should do regularly just to keep a gauge of your progress and know what kinds of things you should be practicing before trying out for high school basketball.

Once you’re aware of them, you have a decision to make. There’s no reason you can’t train to become a well-rounded player, but you also want to be able to stand out from a crowd. Can you hit threes like no one else? Good, now keep practicing them! Do you handle the ball like a wizard? Keep drilling your handling. Don’t sacrifice your other skills, but make sure you know your strengths, and that you excel at them.

Cross Train

Fatigue is a real thing. Drilling thousands of free throws in a session may improve your free throws, but only to a point. Once you’ve hit a certain threshold, you may just start overworking yourself; your body moves in a single pattern over and over while other parts of your body receive little attention. Taking time to challenge yourself and your body in other ways can not only give you a bit of a break, but it will develop your overall coordination, ultimately resulting in better performance for high school basketball tryouts. The real trick is knowing how to balance your training, which is something you’ll develop as you continue to practice.

High School Basketball at Calvary Christian

If you think you’re ready to become a Warrior on the court, we welcome you to pursue high school basketball at Calvary. When you become a Warrior, you represent our school and everything we stand for. As a talented athlete, you show that athletic prowess can be developed alongside a challenging and rewarding preparatory education. Please check our athletics page to learn more about sports at Calvary Christian High School.

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