Fine Arts Department Announces Poetry Contest Winner

The Fine Arts Department sponsored a poetry contest and offered the opportunity to submit a poem to the entire student body. The guidelines for the contest was the poem must be Christmas or winter-themed with 15 – 30 lines. The goal is to set the poem to music and for it to be performed at the school Christmas program on December 5th.

The Fine Arts Department is pleased to announce Chelsea Caldwell is the winner of the contest. Chelsea’s poem was selected top poem from several entries. The title of her poem is, “Sleep.” Calvary’s choral director, Mr. Brandon Martell, is working to set the poem to music and we look forward to hearing the poem/song during the Christmas program on December 5th. Congratulations, Chelsea!

Calvary Students Writings Published in Teen Devotional

We are pleased to announce the writings of Emily Pitts, Laura Roggenbaum, and Haley Smith have been published by The Benchmark Group in Nashville, TN for their publication of a teen-to-teen devotional book. Emily, Laura, and Haley are seniors at Calvary and submitted their writings for the devotionals early in 2013. They were informed of their writings making the publication in early September. The book is now available for purchase through Lifeway, Barnes & Noble, and online through Amazon. Calvary is working to make the books available for purchase at the school. The devotional will make a great Christmas, birthday, or another special occasion gift. Congratulations, Emily, Laura, and Haley.  We are proud of your achievements.


Calvary Students Donate 23 Units of Blood

Calvary students once again give back to the community by supporting Florida Blood Services and donating 23 units of blood. The Blood Drive was held on Wednesday, November 6th. Florida Blood Services set a goal for CCHS to donate 20 units. Thanks for the outstanding participation of students and staff, Calvary was able to donate 23 units of blood.  There were 14 first-time donors last week, and with 23 units, 69 lives will be sustained because of the Calvary family. The school will sponsor another Blood Drive in the spring. We hope parents will plan to give at the next Drive.