Mission Trips

Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

Support the CCHS Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic by purchasing a Calvary Camo hat. You may purchase a hat with a White C embroidery for $15 each, or a hat with fluorescent orange embroidery for $17.50. Five dollars from each purchase will be donated to support the Calvary students who are participating on the CCHS D.R. Mission Trip for June 28 - July 4, 2014.

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Mission Trips are opportunities to expose students to ministry opportunities where people have physical and spiritual needs. As a result of participating in the mission trips, students not only help others, but also experience discipleship and spiritual growth in their lives.


Costa Rica Mission Trip 2012

The Costa Rica Mission Team returns to Costa Rica again to work the Knapps, missionaries with Radical Life Ministries. The students work in the riverbed community to do construction work and provide a Vacation Bible School for the children in the area.

About the Community

The Riverbed community is located in the beach town of Jaco. The community is labeled by a sign in Spanish as “Quebrada Seca,” which pretty much means, “dry crack.” The riverbed is dry except during the rainy season. Thus, the name is not a very nice name; however, over the last year or so, the people who live in the area have been calling it the “Rancho Biblico,” which is, Bible Ranch.

About the Missionaries

Thanks to missionaries David & Pamela Knapp and the other mission teams in the area, the community is now being identified with this new name. The “Rancho Biblico” is where the Knapps and others hold Saturday Kids’ Club, before and after school tutoring, and where mission teams like Calvary, have Vacation Bible Schools and other activities for the children. “Rancho Biblico” has become a true part of the Riverbed community of Jaco.



Costa Rica Mission Trip

2010 Costa Rica Mission Team
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Haiti Mission Trip 2012

The Haiti Mission Trip will allow students to show God's love to children in orphanages and in tent cities arount Port-au-Prince. The ministry opportunities include:

  • Childrens Ministry (drama, music, crafts, etc.) in orphanages throughout Haiti
  • Feeding programs in tent cities in Port-au-Prince
  • Pop Corn/Movie parties for the children living in New Life Orphanage
  • Maintenance work at New Life Orphanage