Student Government Association

Calvary students have the opportunity to serve in leadership through the Student Government Association. Officers are elected to serve on the Executive Council and students are elected to represent their class through planning student activities. Serving as a Student Government Officer is the highest student leadership position at Calvary Christian High School, therefore, each officer is expected to exemplify Christ-like leadership and service in scholastic endeavors, personal conduct, school activities, and service in the execution of the office he/she is elected to serve.

With power comes responsibility. Serving the school through SGA contains many duties that must be faithfully fulfilled. This person is to be a strong advocate for Calvary and a servant to his fellow students, and faculty. This person must be willing to follow the leadership and direction of the School Administrator.

2015-2016 SGA Executive Officers

Office Student
President Joey Gannaio
Vice-President Colson Streitmatter
Secretary Daniel Smith
Treasurer Erik Johansen
Chaplains Ben Hewitt and Emily Thorington


Class of 2016 Class Representatives 

Office Student
President Stephanie Fries
Vice President Tyler Hegseth
Secretary Patty Lopez
Treasurer Jennifer Gardner
Chaplain Karah Rushing


Class of 2017 Representatives

Office Student
President Rachel Cook
Vice President Kaylyn Burroughs
Secretary Julie Hardaker
Treasurer Colleen McLaughlin
Chaplain Brandie Rimer


 Class of 2018 Representatives

Office Student
President Julia Gannaio
Vice President Joey White
Secretary Sheldon Naja
Treasurer Jacob Key
Chaplain Nate Kuhlman
Class of 2019 Representatives
Office Student
President TBD
Vice President TBD
Secretary TBD
Treasurer TBD
Chaplain TBD