Employment Opportunities


Employment Opportunities

Passionate Employees for Christian Education

Are you passionate about fostering academic growth and shaping learners in meaningful ways for the Kingdom? Calvary Christian High School seeks to hire dedicated individuals eager to become a member of the Calvary staff. People who inspire, innovate, and empower our students to excel in a dynamic, supportive & Christ centered environment.

All faculty employees must have a Baccalaureate Degree or higher.

Standards of Ethical Conduct

All employees must agree and adhere to the Standards of Ethical Conduct

Core Values

Our core values include serving Christ through academic excellence, a Biblically centered education, the creation of a loving and positive learning environment, and fostering a partnership with the home to support student success.  

Professional Development Support

At Calvary Christian High School, we believe a supportive workplace for teachers often encompasses a range of benefits that extend beyond just compensation. Here are some key aspects of how we have created a  supportive environment for our educators:

  • Professional Development Opportunities: Access to workshops, conferences, and ongoing training sessions to enhance teaching skills, stay updated on educational trends, and grow professionally.
  • Collaborative Environment: Encouragement for teamwork, collaboration with colleagues, and a supportive network where teachers can share ideas, resources, and strategies.
  • Mentorship Programs: Opportunities for mentorship, allowing for guidance from experienced educators and fostering personal and professional growth.
  • Work-Life Balance: Support of a healthy work-life balance, such as reasonable work hours and time for planning and grading.
  • Resource Support: Access to teaching materials, technology, and resources to enhance classroom experiences and make teaching more effective and engaging.
  • Positive Workplace Culture: A supportive administration and colleagues who understand the challenges of teaching, offering encouragement, appreciation, and an upbeat work environment.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Fair and competitive salaries, comprehensive healthcare benefits and professionally managed retirement plans.
  • Student-Centered Focus: A school culture that prioritizes student success, allowing teachers the autonomy and support to tailor their teaching methods to meet students' diverse needs.

Openings for Full Time Employment

2024-25 School Year

None at this Time

Procedures to Apply for a Full-Time Position

Stage 1
Please select the link below and complete the requested information to begin the application process. 

After the requested information has been submitted and reviewed, someone from our hiring team will reach out to you for information about moving to the next step of the application/employment process if your qualifications and experiences match one of our present or anticipated openings. 

In the meantime, the videos linked below will help you get to know us a little better.

Current Openings for Part-Time Positions

  • CDL Drivers for Athletic Teams Away Games
  • Substitute Teacher

Procedures to Apply for a Part-Time Position

To apply for a part-time position, please select the link below and complete the part-time employment application. You may submit the completed application by email to: [email protected]. You may also mail or bring the completed application to the school office using the address listed on the application.
(Select this link to download the part-time employment application.) 

Snapshot of Employee Benefits

Health Insurance Plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • CCHS pays 100% of the premium to provide the health insurance benefit for the employee. CCHS will pay up to 50% of the additional premium to add dependents to the health insurance plan.
Life Insurance Policy
  • CCHS pays 100% of the premium to provide a Term Life Insurance Policy for the employee.
Long Term Disability Insurance Policy
  • CCHS pays 100% of the premium to provide a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy for the employee.
Retirement Program
  • CCHS contributes 5% of the annual salary amount for the employee to a professionally managed retirement program. Even if the employee chooses not to contribute additional funds, CCHS contributes 5% of the gross annual salary.
Sick and Personal Days
  • The employee receives a specified number of Sick and Personal Days annually based on their employment department.
Professional Development Opportunities
  • Employees are offered professional development opportunities by school administration with CCHS paying or arranging the payment for the growth opportunities.
 Child Tuition Benefit
  • We offer tuition assistance to employees with children enrolled and attending CCHS.
 Partner School Tuition Benefit
  • CCHS partner schools for grades Pre-K through 8th offer tuition assistance for our CCHS employees with children enrolled and attending their school. The tuition assistance is worked out directly with the partner school. 
 Out of State Relocation Reimbursement Benefit
  • CCHS offers a Relocation Reimbursement amount for employees relocating out of state to work at the school. 
 Additional Insurance Policies
  • CCHS offers additional insurance policies (Dental, Cancer, Critical Care, etc.) with group rates for employees who want to add the benefits with the employee paying the premiums. 

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