Faculty & Staff

Jessica Baer
Baer, Jessica
Digital Arts Teacher
Michael Berhow
Berhow, Michael
Bible Teacher
John Bristol
Bristol, John
Social Studies Teacher
Stephanie Brundage
Brundage, Stephanie
Math Teacher
Kendall Brzycki
Brzycki, Kendall
English Teacher
Keb Burley
Burley, Keb
John Cautero
Cautero, John
Social Studies Teacher
Katie Chappell
Chappell, Katie
Math Teacher
Ben Chartrand
Chartrand, Ben
Bible Teacher
Jennifer Chase
Chase, Jennifer
Associate Director of Admissions
Kristin Cheney
Cheney, Kristin
Art Teacher
Alex Choco
Choco, Alex
Technology and Media Support Specialist
Lisa Clarke
Clarke, Lisa
Spanish Teacher
Sarah Coleman
Coleman, Sarah
Science Teacher
Donna Collins
Collins, Donna
Math Teacher
Carrie Davis
Davis, Carrie
Food Services Director
Bonnie Doucette
Doucette, Bonnie
Support Staff
Christy Dupee
Dupee, Christy
English Teacher
Brian Eide
Eide, Brian
Bible Teacher
Blake Engelhardt
Engelhardt, Blake
Bible Teacher
Mallory Everitt
Everitt, Mallory
Director of College Counseling and Accreditation Coordinator
Carie Facenda
Facenda, Carie
Cafeteria Staff
Tristan Finlayson
Finlayson, Tristan
Bible Teacher
Elizabeth Fint
Fint, Elizabeth
Social Studies Teacher
Karen Fisher
Fisher, Karen
Executive Director of Finance and Operations
Michael Flecker
Flecker, Michael
Spanish Teacher
Lindsey Frohlich
Frohlich, Lindsey
American Sign Language Teacher
Taylor Fry
Fry, Taylor
Fine Arts Assistant
Anthony Gannaio
Gannaio, Anthony
Latin Teacher
Jennifer Gannaio
Gannaio, Jennifer
Director of Faculty
Judy Gardner
Gardner, Judy
Administrative Assistant
Nick Giblin
Giblin, Nick
Athletic Performance Coordinator
Nina Graham
Graham, Nina
English Teacher
Kristin Graves
Graves, Kristin
College Counselor
Sven Hack
Hack, Sven
Math Teacher
Tori Hale
Hale, Tori
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Hamilton Hartsell
Hartsell, Hamilton
Athletic Assistant
Janessa Jannarone
Jannarone, Janessa
American Sign Language Teacher
Kim Johnson
Johnson, Kim
English Teacher
Debbi Joseph
Joseph, Debbi
Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs
Matt Kellogg
Kellogg, Matt
Math Teacher
Julie Kennedy
Kennedy, Julie
Administrative Assistant
Clark Kilgore
Kilgore, Clark
Assistant to Faculty and Administration
Mr. David Kilgore
Kilgore, Mr. David
Head of School
Diana Kirtland
Kirtland, Diana
Cafe Manager
Deana Kistner
Kistner, Deana
Math Teacher
Nicole Kozel
Kozel, Nicole
American Sign Language Teacher
Amy Kraus
Kraus, Amy
Math Teacher
Michael Lashbrook
Lashbrook, Michael
Social Studies Teacher
Katie Leandri
Leandri, Katie
Math Teacher
Stathis Linardos
Linardos, Stathis
Assistant Director of Band, Choir and Colorguard
Pattie Littler
Littler, Pattie
Liz Lyons
Lyons, Liz
Cafeteria Assistant
Brandon Martell
Martell, Brandon
Choral Director
Michael Martell
Martell, Michael
Director of Fine Arts and Band Director
Morgan Martell
Martell, Morgan
School Nurse
Paul Matthews
Matthews, Paul
Science Teacher
Stacy McMahon
McMahon, Stacy
Office Receptionist
Ellen Mueller
Mueller, Ellen
Cafeteria Assistant
Rebecca Mulder
Mulder, Rebecca
English Teacher
Kyle Mullett
Mullett, Kyle
Campus Pastor
Connie Mullholand
Mullholand, Connie
Daryl Mullholand
Mullholand, Daryl
Teacher/ Trainer
Greg Olsen
Olsen, Greg
James Panagiotacos
Panagiotacos, James
Director of Technology
Chip Pardi
Pardi, Chip
Social Studies Teacher
Raegan Pedersen
Pedersen, Raegan
Graphic Designer
Kelly Price
Price, Kelly
Associate Director of Admissions
Anthony Randall
Randall, Anthony
Bible Teacher
April Ray
Ray, April
Bible Teacher
Brandon Ray
Ray, Brandon
Science Teacher
KC Rice
Rice, KC
Math Teacher
Daniel Riddell
Riddell, Daniel
Social Studies Teacher
Blake Roberts
Roberts, Blake
Assistant Director of Faculty
Courtney Rozeveld
Rozeveld, Courtney
Math Teacher
Karah Rushing
Rushing, Karah
Drama and Dance Director
Brandon Rust
Rust, Brandon
Science Teacher
John Wesley Safford
Safford, John Wesley
Bible Teacher
Amy Schabilon
Schabilon, Amy
Spanish Teacher
Christina Seis
Seis, Christina
Science Teacher
Ben Sessions
Sessions, Ben
PE Teacher
Amanda Stanton
Stanton, Amanda
Director of Discipleship
Heidi Stenberg
Stenberg, Heidi
Science Teacher
Autumn Stradley
Stradley, Autumn
English Teacher
Lacey Szymanski
Szymanski, Lacey
Science Teacher
Monica Talley
Talley, Monica
Erin Toler
Toler, Erin
Academic Learning Specialist
Trent Toler
Toler, Trent
Social Studies Teacher
Kelly Trill
Trill, Kelly
English Teacher
Dana Troutman
Troutman, Dana
Associate Director of College Counseling
Tony Valdes
Valdes, Tony
English Teacher
Jonathan Valdez
Valdez, Jonathan
Athletic Director
Ginger Wensley
Wensley, Ginger
English Teacher
Lorna Wenzel
Wenzel, Lorna
Math/Technology Teacher
Ryan Westhoelter
Westhoelter, Ryan
IT Support Technician
Kim Whitney
Whitney, Kim
Assistant Athletic Director/Coach
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